Head to KanIm and ask for good Perdim eleven mode and complete it 2

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Head to KanIm and ask for good Perdim eleven mode and complete it 2

Most of the guy must be joined, if you like that son to hang new dual citizenships

And work out an enthusiastic Indonesian Passport for the guy produced of an effective combined marriage is a simple material … as it can be carried out in Indonesia.

step 1. Both dad and mom (even though the trademark of international parent is not actually necessary) submit the form and you will to remain top out of good Rp 10,100 meterai which have a great Surat Pernyataan offering power into issuance away from a great Paspor RI step 3. Prepare a copy and the amazing of the Akta Perkawinan out-of the mother and father cuatro. Ready yourself a copy and the brand new of the Kartu Keluarga 5. Ready yourself a duplicate together with totally new of your own Akta Kelahiran of the kid six. Ready yourself a duplicate and also the brand-new of Affidavit of one’s boy eight. Prepare yourself a copy plus the fresh of KTP of Indonesian moms and dad 8. Ready yourself a copy plus the brand-new of passport and/otherwise ITAS (if enjoys) of your own overseas mother nine. Submit many of these files towards the loket

Immediately following a length of time that are priced between a few days (expensive percentage) for some weeks (judge fee they generally tell you firmly to go back when you look at the 3 or five days), your son or daughter can get his/this lady photos pulled, along with his/the woman fingerprints (bringing the fingerprint off a 6 week dated is useful enjoyable) and you’ll be expected a few questions within the a job interview (wawancara).

You should invariably have got all the fresh new originals to you in the the fresh interview and a few a lot more images of your own guy. Upcoming happens committed to possess percentage: IDR getting a paspor blanko forty eight halaman (48 pages passport)+ IDR towards the commission of your biometric images + IDR on the fingerprinting. If you shell out this and simply which, their childs passport could well be in a position in four significantly more days, less.

When you get the newest twin citizenship the state method, your children can get a few passports however in its foreign passport they have an official affaidavit stamped on it throughout the Indonesian immigration proclaiming that they have twin citizenship. This permits one to stop with an enthusiastic ITAS for the children and you can allows these to travel freely instead a charge so you can often of these two places. Obtaining the affidavit is important and will avoid loads of dilemmas!

The latest affidavit try stamped toward overseas passport and Indonesian passport as the a good “Keterangan” making reference to brand new citizenship rules out of 2006. You to definitely affidavit is completely required. The immigration officer tend to query the reason why you don?t get that affidavit on child’s international passport, if you don’t have they.

Speak to your embassy/consular workplace in the event the nation from source does not enable it to be twin citizenship for kids, to attempt to built a solution that really works getting you!

Note: in the past many immigration authorities within airport seemingly disregarded that a young child going back towards an enthusiastic Indonesian passport had zero further passport stamps to possess travelling following the early in the day deviation out of Indonesia. Since the regarding brand new recent immigration law change – much more interest is being paid to the inaccuracies – ultimately causing questions regarding next passports and twin citizenship. It will be for the best for all of your data files with the dual superior site for international students citizenship and you can affidavits into the prime purchase to ensure your going back youngsters lack issues when they make an effort to re-enter into Indonesia.

Visa Suggestions having International People

Some an easy way to manage visas if you decide to not just do it with twin nationality: An ITAP (5 year resident charge) can be acquired for the children from a combined wedding. This ITAP status can be applied to have toward Indonesian parent’s support.

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